Yara Telemedicine Ltda. It provides a support platform for healthcare professionals by providing tools for doctor to doctor tele-support, remote blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring, and equipment inventory control.


The YTS platform facilitates the doctor to doctor connection, enabling the doctor who works in remote locations, working in direct contact with the patient, to receive advice, guidance and reports from specialist physicians over long distances.


The system allows the capture of a historical series of blood pressure and heart rate measurements, and transmits them to an Internet platform database, where this information is organized in tables, graphs and statistics, for easy understanding of the blood pressure behavior and allow the specialist doctor to give an opinion to the leading physician, within the concept of connected, fast, effective and benefit-generating medicine for patients, facilitating early diagnoses, the adoption of appropriate therapies, reducing the need for patient transportation and also reducing health care costs.


In addition to the doctor to doctor synergy, through the YTS platform it is possible to screen the population for blood glucose levels and blood pressure, in order to anticipate preventive measures, diagnoses, and perform home monitoring when it proves to be appropriate.


The technology was developed in Brazil by ITA (Aeronautical Technological Institute) engineers and aims to provide fast and effective support to leading healthcare professionals from Tele Centers of Expertise capable of providing coverage to large geographic areas, especially useful in specialized clinics and corporate applications such as government and organizations operating in large territorial extensions.